The Gastrodiplomacy of Parts Unknown

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[This is a post I originally wrote after the second episode of Anthony Bourdain’s new show Parts Unknown on CNN.] Anthony Bourdain has been many things over his long career. Line cook, chef, restaurateur, author, TV host. For the past … Continued

Electioneering, Culinary Diplomacy-Style

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I’m sure everyone (in the US, at least) is totally and completely fed up with this damn election. I know I’m constantly refreshing 538 and foxnews to see who’s outflanking whom in the my-polls-are-holier-than-thine debate. Though we’re all suffering from … Continued

Jerusalem: A Cookbook

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New cookbook from British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi and British-Palestinian chef Sami Tamimi highlights the common experience between Palestinians and Israelis in modern Jerusalem, according to this article on NPR. Ottolenghi, the owner of a few restaurants in London, and Tamimi, … Continued

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