Culinary Diplomacy Isn’t Just American (Part I)

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The US isn’t the only place that Culinary Diplomacy is hot. This past week it was Korean Food Week in Abuja, Nigeria. Korean Ambassador to Nigeria Choi Jung-Hyun hosted Nigerian dignitaries and government officials at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Edem Duke with Korean Ambassador to Nigeria Choi Jung-Hyun and other dignitaries.

Nigerian Minister of Tourism and Culture Edem Duke had this to say at the occasion: “food, like music is a universal product. Who could imagine that something as intangible as food can bring people from different cultures and races together.”

Nigerian Minister of Tourism and Culture Edem Duke

The Korean Ambassador: ““A bowl of rice shared, they say, satisfies everybody and it is my hope that this little show of love through our meals will go a long way.”

Seems like pretty strong culinary diplomacy to me. Looking forward to hearing more stories like this as the idea spreads.

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