Far Too Long.

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Hi Culinary Diplomacy enthusiasts!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written here; don’t worry though, I’m always thinking of how food, diplomacy, conflict resolution, and community-building are related. And increasingly more of you are too! Great to see the chatter over Twitter, students contacting me from around the world, and news being published regularly about this fascinating and hot topic. Oh, and it even came under fire on Capitol Hill! How far we’ve come.

I may have some new readers and newly-interested folks based on a recent re-broadcast of my interview with Rebecca Sheir on The Splendid Table. Thanks for your interest, and thanks to the lovely Splendid Table folks for the re-broadcast.

So, to readers old and new, welcome to the world of Culinary Diplomacy. I’ll be posting again soon. Stay tuned.


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